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FM Transmitter – Beginners Guide – Its so easy!

How it’s so easy to start making FM transmitters?

So you want to make an FM transmitter for your project? Or maybe you just want to try your hands on wireless voice transmission? Whatever might be the reason for making your first FM transmitter, you are at the right place to get started and spread your voice in the air though electromagnetic waves.

Though there are a lot of guides out there in the internet, but as per my experience none of the guides cover all the important information. There are even some websites stating that making an FM transmitter is very complicated and you kind of need good luck with your pcb and components to get success. This is completely false, when you are just getting started or not making a military grade ambitious project including encrypted wireless communication. Whoh!

Well much of talking ….

Lets get started….

Well I must say that it’s the best choice that you are starting with an FM transmitter rather than AM or shortwave. FM transmitters are the easiest and the result which you get is really rewarding. FM transmitters can pick up very faint sound, are crystal clear, small and simple.

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Step 1

Get yourself these components:-

Simple FM transmitter component list:-

1) Electret Microphone

2) 10 nF capacitor

3) 200 ohms resistor

4) 4.7 Kohm resistor

5) 6.8 pF capacitor

6) 2N2222 or 2N3904 or PN2222A trasistor

7) 36pF or 33pF capacitors

8) 2 – 22pF Trim Cap

9) Inductor coil with 5 turns and .5 cm dia. (Insulated copper coil)

10) 10 inch antenna wire. (any single stranded wire)

11) 3V DC supply (AA, AAA or coin cell battery)


Step 2

The following is the circuit diagram. Make the circuit first on breadboard then on copper clad. I recommend you to make it on copper clad of high quality for your final design as the performance of this FM transmitter increases.


Basic FM transmitter Circuit

Just Give a try. We will help



Step 3

Tuning the FM transmitter

Turn the variable capacitor or the air trimmer (whatever you say :-) ) to the position where its capacitance will be 2pF. Then take a radio in which you want to hear your transmitted signal for the time being and keep it at 96 MHz or near to it at a blank spot without any existing broadcast. Then slowly compress or stretch the length of the inductor coil to adjust the FM transmitter’s broadcasting frequency. Once you get near to it. Fine tune further by adjusting the air trimmer of your FM transmitter with some plastic substance. (Metals will give you wrong tuning).


If everything is fine, you will be able to properly tune your fm transmitter. But if you find any problem then you would need to check things.


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Facts related to this FM transmitter:

1. It is a single transistor FM transmitter.

2. It can transmit to a distance of 30m inside a building with 4 RCC walls in between.

3. In open it can transmit to around 80-100 meters.

4. It is very sensitive and can even pick up the sound of a pin drop.

5. It can be used as a bug.

6. It can’t be handheld. Subscribe to get informed about the handheld version of FM transmitter that I will post soon.

7. Frequency may drift if you touch it.

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